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Buy to Let mortgage schemes are mortgage packages aimed at individuals or companies who wish to buy property as an investment to let out to tenants (as opposed to live in themselves), with a view to earning a rental income or selling the property for capital gain in the future.

Buy to Let - a Good Investment?


Buying a property and letting it out has attracted many new investors over the last few years. Whether you require additional income or are investing for the medium to long term for equity growth, JFS Financial are here to find you the most appropriate deal.

We have Buy to Let mortgage lenders who will lend on multi-let properties, be they DSS tenanted, single or family let.

We have Buy to Let mortgage lenders that do not calculate the amount they are willing to lend on a multiple of the borrowers income, but rather on the amount of rental income they expect will be generated.

The general rule of thumb is that the rental income achieved must equal 125% of the buy to let mortgage payment. This can be based upon a interest only monthly payment, however, nearly all lenders currently require a minimum 25% deposit or equity.

From purchasing a purpose built, one bedroom flat, to a block of flats, from a house, to a property converted into separate dwellings (including freehold flats), we have the experience and Buy to Let mortgage lenders at hand.

We also offer let to buy mortgages where the borrower lets out their existing property, using it as collateral against the property in which they live during the let to buy period.


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We are very experienced buy to let mortgage brokers who have helped our clients grow their portfolios into sustainable businesses


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